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Three Step Trade In Program
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Check Values Online

Choose your club by selecting all 4 attributes in the drop down menu below. On the next page, we will display the trade in value for your club in what we class as "Average Condition". You may then toggle between "Average" or "Below Average' condition as we offer a different trade in value for each condition category. Select "Trade In Now" for each club you wish to trade in.

Select Drop Off Location

On the Trade in Confirmation Page, add or remove as many clubs as you wish to trade in. Then select from the menu your nearest eGolf Megastore trade in location that you will drop off your clubs.

Get eGolf Store Credit

When we receive your clubs at your selected drop off location, we will undertake a brief inspection to confirm condition grade. Following that we will issue you with a Store Credit for use in store at any eGolf Megastore location.


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No credit will be given for golf clubs if they have any of the following defects:

  • Clubs Pre-dating 2017
  • Dented metal woods;
  • Significant 'sky marks' or 'pop up' marks on the crown;
  • lrons or wedges where the grooves are more than 50% worn;
  • Any clubs that have excessive scratching or gouging;
  • lron sets that do not have at least 5 consecutive clubs;
  • Iron sets must also have a pitching wedge in them.
  • Iron Set quoted prices are for a 7-piece set configuration. 5-piece and 6-piece set configurations will be valued less, and 8-piece configurations will be valued higher.

Trade in Program valid in the UAE only

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