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Excellent Condition Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 Driver 10.5* with Aldila Rogue 60 Regular Flex Shaft

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AED 499.00


Callaway is not one to shy away from technology advancements and they have managed to hit another 300 yard drive right down the middle with their latest creation. In fact, they believe it’s so good that they found it to be the right time to revive the iconic Big Bertha name. Let’s not spoil the ending – let’s get right into the details of the Big Bertha driver to find out why it truly is a revolutionary driver for the ages.

The Big Bertha Callaway driver features an advanced adjustable perimeter weighting mechanism named Slider Technology Design. This design allows the sliding weight to precisely lock into any position around the perimeter of the golf club to influence the shape of the golf shot. The golf club will come standard with the weight situated in the middle of the sliding channel. This middle position creates a neutral ball flight that allows the driver to work the ball in multiple directions. To help reduce a slice or to promote a draw, use the wrench (included) to loosen the weight and slide it towards the heel of the golf club. To help reduce a hook or promote fade loosen the weight and slide it towards the toe of the golf club. The performance benefit of the adjustable perimeter weighting is a significantly higher moment of inertia (MOI). The higher MOI creates a club head that is more forgiving that ever. The forgiveness and the multiple draw to fade bias weight positions help create longer and more accurate drives.

The Hyper Speed Face design has been a staple of Callaway’s woods since the Hyper X driver has been redesigned to be lighter and more forgiving. The revolutionary design has enhanced the sweet spot of the golf club to create straighter and more powerful drives across the entire face of the driver. The new design has also enhanced the ball speeds to aid in achieving maximum distance.

The crown of the Big Bertha is made from a high strength, lightweight forged composite material. This lightweight material has allowed Callaway to save 20 grams of weight in the design giving the Big Bertha driver the ability to have an adjustable perimeter weight design. The lighter crown makes it possible to create a low CG and have the swing weight of the golf club at a proper playable weight. When more movable weight and adjustability are added to a golf club, it’s imperative that some design element of the club be manufactured of a forged composite material. Otherwise the club becomes un-playable and you reach a point of diminishing returns on what you set out to achieve in the club head design.

The Callaway Big Bertha driver will feature the new advanced adjustable hosel which is a staple on all 2014 Callaway drivers. This hosel makes it easy to adjust the driver to a wide range of loft and lie settings. The two can now be adjusted independent from each other. The available lofts for the driver are 9, 10.5 and 13, and can be adjusted -1 to +2 degrees. The lie angle can be set to the “D” for a draw/upright setting or it can be set to the “N” for a neutral/flat setting. Both of these features will help achieve optimal trajectory and shot shape for added distance and accuracy.

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Additional Information

Product SKU TRD-1508201903
SKU TRD-1508201903
Player Type Men
Loft 10.5
Flex Regular
Condition Excellent Condition
Dexterity Right Hand

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