Condition Grading - Clubs


At eGolf Megastore, your 100% satisfaction is important to us and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment. In order to achieve that, our accurate grading and description of the products we sell are vital to ensuring that your expectations are always met.

Each item is carefully inspected to ensure that it is graded fairly and accurately and reflects the grading rating assigned to it.The item is then photographed from various angles and every attempt is made to show the item clearly. No digital enhancement is used to improve the apparent condition of any item.

Our Description & Grading Scale for Pre-Owned Equipment

Pristine 9.9/10 May show some light shop wear, if any. Items in this category are very difficult to distinguish from new. They may have previously been floor stock, un-hit returns or removed from the box and returned. Exceptional value!
Mint 9.5/10 Clubs in this category may have been used for two or three rounds and will show some very limited signs of use. In general, it will be extremely rare for them to show paint chips, pop up marks, scuffs or other cosmetic imperfections affectingtheir appearance. Some very light scratching may be present, but overall the equipment will maintain its original luster.
Excellent 9/10 Clubs in this category will have been used for a season or more. Signs of use include light scuffing or surface scratches on the crown, sole and face or tiny paint blemishes, minor dings or nicks. Some wear on the grips and shaft bands may exist. Overall, these clubs have been well cared for and whilst they do no not retain much of the "original look" they perform like new and have plenty of life left in them!
8.5/10 Clubs in this category have been used for approximately 2-3 seasons. The crown may have some noticeable scratches or visible pop-up marks. The face will have some noticeable signs of wear to the grooves, with possible scratches and discolouration on iron sets. Nicks and dings may be present and "bag chatter" may exist on iron sets. Shaft burn and considerable wear to the grips may exist. The headcover may be faded, marked or show other signs of discolouration. Clubs in this category are ideal for golfers less concerned with appearance, but are still seeking the performance of a high quality golf club.
Good 8/10 Signs of considerable and heavy use are prevalent. Some minor signs of abuse may exist. Cosmetically, items may be heavily scuffed, scratched, dinged or chipped. Pop-up marks may be several. Absolutely no "original sheen" exists. Grooves will be considerably warn and rust may be prevalent on irons and wedges. The clubs are ideal for a speculative equipment buy or for beginners looking for excellent value entry-level equipment.
Fair 7.5/10 Clubs in fair condition will show significant wear and tear and obvious signs of abuse. Pop-up marks, multiple/deep scuffing or scratching will be prevalent. Grooves on irons and wedges will be considerably warn. The performance of the club will not be affected, however clubs in this category are best suited to golfers who are less concerned with cosmetics and are looking for excellent value.
Poor 7/10 Clubs falling into the poor category aren’t suitable for public viewing! Purchase at your own risk! Be prepared to be sledged by your playing partners if clubs in this category make it onto the course!