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Golf Ball Ratings Guide                                                           


We aim to provide the highest quality pre-owned golf balls at the lowest prices. Before any of our balls are received by you, each one had been individually inspected prior to being sorted into one of the following categories:


These balls look like they have never been hit only a handful of times. They will have no scuffs or blemishes. They will contain some balls with logos or ink/player markings, but will play similar to a new ball. Our Premium condition balls may have logos but will not contain "X-Out" or "Practice" stamped balls.

Our Premium grade is like purchasing a brand new ball, but without the box! When you buy brand new, who hits the box anyway!


These balls look like they have only been hit a few holes. They will have some imperfections that keep them from being graded Premium. There will be small player marks, minor scuffs or slight blemishes, but overall are very clean and playable. Our Mint condition balls may have logos but will not contain "X-Out" or "Practice" stamped balls.

Overall the luster and sheen of a new ball is in tact. These balls play similar to a new ball and you can be assured that the integrity and flight characteristics are not compromised.


These balls are aging and becoming cosmetically challenged. They will have player marks, scuff or blemishes, but nothing bad enough to affect the playability and feel of the ball.

Discolouration or loss of the original sheen may be prevalent, but distance will not be affected. We would suggest that these balls are not suitable for competition rounds, however they are good enough for everyday general play or practice rounds.


These are our bottom of the barrel used balls. Their flaws include colour damage, scuffing, club marks and some slight cuts. No original sheen is left. These balls are suitable for practice rounds only.


Refinished balls look the same as a new golf ball. Why? Because they have undergone a process whereby the balls are stripped, then repainted and their original logo is reprinted on. Finally, a clear coat is sprayed on the ball to make them appear brand new. Try them, you will not be disappointed!



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